Operation Support Services

Our Operations Experts will work alongside your team to identify areas of opportunity, focusing on kitchen administrative work, procurement practices, and daily production methodology. We use cutting edge software, savvy production techniques and progressive procurement methods, designed to optimize your operations.

Recipes, Menu & Nutrition

In addition to our Operations Support approach, we work with your culinary team to enhance recipes, and menu selections, offering better nutrition to your residents and staff members. We conduct a research and development style method to our recipe development, involving all of the key decision makers at your location, while our registered dieticians ensure we meet all of the requirements needed for your location.

Care Partner benefits

Our technology platform consolidates standardized kitchen processes

Our production methods offer resourceful ways to execute higher quality nutrition, health and wellness for residents and staff members

We provide resourceful ways to utilize products and execute smart menu planning

Feel confident knowing you have a trusted partner in culinary operations, aligned with your business goals

Learn how HomeKook'd can work for you and your clients!

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